The taste of Kotoka strawberries

Kotoka is a new brand of strawberries from Nara that was registered as a variety in 2011. The producers and chefs in Nara are eagerly promoting Kotoka so that more people can enjoy its delightful flavor.
Taste one of these shiny, bright red strawberries, and its, sweet, luscious juice and scent will make it impossible not to reach for the next one.
Kotoka is a magic fruit that brings a delectable surprise and a mouthful of happiness.

New specialty in the ancient city

Learn more about Nara's new strawberry, where it started and how it can be tasted at long-established Nara hotels.

Birth story of Nara's original Kotoka

It was in 1989 that the first seeds of what later became Kotoka were sowed in order to make a new brand of Nara-bred strawberries.
Every year about 3,000 seedlings of new variety candidates were grown, and this process was repeated by extracting only the best ones until they became Kotoka years later. The reason for Kotoka's survival in this competition was simple–it was just plain delicious.

Nara Prefectural Center for Agricultural Research and Development
Toshi Nishimoto

Flavor and beauty, delivered with pride

Perfect balance of sweet and tart

Kotoka has a higher sugar content averaging 12 degree to 13 degree compared to common strawberries while still keeping a pleasant tartness that accentuates the sweetness. Enjoy the rich, luscious juiciness with every bite.

Shiny, bright red jewels from the farm

The skin of the fruit is a bright ruby-red with luster and expression like jewels. Kotoka has a firm, plump texture.
Freshly picked is the best way to enjoy these strawberries. We recommend that you visit a farm outlet to taste the freshest Kotoka.

Places you can enjoy Kotoka

We introduce to you a varied lineup that includes cakes, pastries, smoothies, and other sweets.
* Kotoka is harvested during the period from mid-December to mid-May. Please be informed that it may not be available depending on market conditions.

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