Seeking to provide only the best strawberries

Strawberry farm Shokka-en is run by Mitsuharu Uehara, and lies within a 13 minute walking distance from Yamato Saidaiji station.

Fragrance and flavor nurtured by the bonds of a family

Uehara-san used to be a cultivator of flowers for commercial use.
He decided to take up strawberry farming because he fell in love with the flavor of Nara's famous Kotoka strawberries.
Compared to other strawberries, Kotoka are thought to be difficult to cultivate. Uehara-san has successfully produced a strawberry that is simultaneously rich in flavor and aroma.
Together with his family, he spares no effort in order to grow a superior quality strawberry, aspiring to provide only the best produce.

Growing Kotoka together

Uehara-san is always thoughtful of others when he creates his products.
He works closely with patissiers and fruit vendors, and talks with them extensively in order to understand their needs. He continuously works to implement this research in the production of his strawberries.
Uehara-san is also the representative of 'Kotoka Company', an association of the five remaining producers of Nara's Kotoka strawberries. He has proposed to institute a dedicated study meeting with all members in an attempt to further improve on quality.

Uehara-san's vision for the future

It is his sole aspiration to inform more people about the appeal of Kotoka strawberries. With this pro-active approach, he has been able to inspire patissiers and fruit vendors to carry his products.
It is also his ambition to enable customers from other parts of Japan, as well as more international visitors, to savour his strawberries.
Uehara-san is currently the eldest producer of Kotoka strawberries.
He advises the younger producers, often taking the role of a leader, inspiring them to produce Kotoka strawberries that are worthy of their name and brand.


Sugaharacho , Nara
* Should you wish to visit the farm, please make an inquiry by phone in advance. +81-90-3494-9178
* Kotoka is harvested during the period from mid-December to mid-May.


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