Tea Farm Inokura, from Nara to Tokyo, into the world. Tea that is favored internationally

Tsukigase is the hometown of a tea artisan who has grasped the favor of people all over the world.
His farm is located at a 40 minute drive through the mountain roads, east from Daibutsu-den at Todaiji Temple in Nara.

The fragrance of tea that induces happiness

In 2014, Mitsuhiro Inokura, successor to this farm and currently the 11th generation of the Inokura farmer's family, opened his store “Suisui” in order to introduce the appeal of tea.
The tea factory that is located alongside the showroom is one of the areas where here spent most of his childhood, and when the harvesting season commences, the children in this area are attracted by the delicious scents of freshly processed tea.
It is this childhood memory that leads Inokura-san to believe in the power of tea to bring people together, and it is this joy that forms the basis for his way of life.

The austere but gentle tea-fields of Tsukigase

Inokura-san focuses on the use of organic fertilizers in order to create an environment-friendly soil. For the water used to steam the tealeaf, he uses spring water from the hills to produce a tea with a clear liquor and rounded flavor.
It is this tea that attracts admirers from Milan, New York and various other cities, and when they visit the farms, they are perplexed by the beauty of these tea-fields.

However, tea farming is an intense business which requires everyone in the same area to put their strength together for a successful harvest. Inokura-san says that he relays this experience directly to the visitors on his farm, and they are grateful to receive this otherwise unobtainable experience.

The tea that connects Tsukigase to the world

Inokura-san believes that Yamato-cha, or the tea from Nara, is connected to a way of Japanese hospitality in which tea is served out of empathy and compassion with your guests.
Many of the visitors to the Inokura tea farm are said to have instantly become fans. It are these admirers of Inokura-san's tea that spread their fascination, and currently this tea is carried by first-class businesses such as the luxury hotels in Japan, THE O DOR in Paris and the Bulgari Hotel in Milan. Ever since his childhood, Inokura-san has believed in the power of tea to make people happy, and it is this power in effect that continues to bring people together, sharing joy and happiness.


4877-2, Tsukigase Momogano, Nara-shi
Open: Sunday 14:00-18:00
*If you would like to visit us outside business hours, please contact us by phone or mail one week before.

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