Presenting the delicious produce of Nara

Approximately 10 minutes south from Kintetsu Nara station, walking through the shopping streets of Naramachi, you will reach the Awa Naramachi restaurant.
It is located in a refurbished 140 year old townhouse, that perfectly matches the appearance of its traditional surroundings.
Having passed through the lattice entrance, visitor enter an extensive earthen hallway stretching to the back of the property, providing an image of truly traditional life in Japan.
We interviewed restaurant owner Mr. Daisuke Atarashi and inquired about the appeal of Nara's foods.

The appeal of Yamato vegetables

Certain vegetables produced in Nara have previously only been consumed by local families. These vegetables are imbued with the tradition and food culture of the region.
At Awa Naramachi Store, Yamato vegetables are the main ingredients in various traditional dishes, providing customers with a wide variety of ways to experience and enjoy their tasty, yet simple flavours.
The restaurant is decorated with displays of special vegetables, through which customers can enjoy the color and beauty of the compositions. The stories behind each vegetable are told by the shop staff.
The vegetables used in the kitchen are mostly produced in the owner's farm and gardens. This gives visitors an understanding and enjoyment true to the original appeal of these delicacies.

Promoting the ingredients of Nara

The owner feels that as one of the main restaurants in the popular sightseeing area of Naramachi, it is their mission to offer and cook with authentic Nara-produced products. In addition to Yamato vegetables, he also uses Yamato beef, sake from local breweries, and various seasonal products specific to the Nara region.

* Image: Awa Dinner course with Yamato beef and vegetables
One example of a seasonal dessert: Kotoka strawberries and a mousse of sake kasu. (Available in season)
The tea served is of course Yamato tea. This may be combined with a delicious tasting local sake of your preference.

The future of Nara's delicious food produce.

The key common factor for Yamato vegetables - which are strongly rooted in Nara's local traditions - Yamato beef, local sake, Yamato tea, Kotoka strawberries, is that they are grown with Nara's climate and surroundings.
The owners of Awa continue as the bridge between the farmers of local vegetables and their customers, sharing the stories and backgrounds of the people behind the produce.

Awa Naramachi Restaurant

1 Shonamicho, Nara City, Nara-ken 630-8363
TEL: +81-742-24-5699(10:00 - 21:00)
Business hours: Lunch from 11:30 - 15:00 (doors close at 13:30, last order at 14:00)
Dinner from 17:30 - 22:00 (doors close at 20:00, last order at 21:00)
* Reservations required
Holiday: Tuesday

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