A Sake Brewery Nestled in the Mountains of Tsuge Since 1871

Since 1871 Kuramoto Shuzo has been distilling sake on the very same site as today. Visiting the cellar is an experience in itself, with a combination of the old and the new which when talking to the 7th generation director of Kuramoto Sake, Mr. Takashi Kuramoto says, “The rice fermentation period is absolutely vital, otherwise the sake will have a horrible, rough flavor. Therefore, time is what we have on our side.”

Taste the history

Beginning as a humble local brewer, Kuramoto Sake today still uses the identical recipe as yesteryear. When asked, if that is a good thing, Mr.Kuramoto calmly replies, “The history and the heritage of our sake is what makes for its refined flavor.” Mr. Kuramoto is a graduate of the farmers university. After working for other companies, he returned to his family business and holds the title of Touji (Sake grand master brewer) and has kept the family recipe a tight lipped secret.

Why Kuramoto Shuzo?

The process involved in making fine Japanese sake in no easy one. Mr. Kuramoto insists the very first step is a fine natural water source. The water source at Kuramoto Sake is the best in Nara, and is without doubt one of the backbone elements of Kuramoto Sake’s superb flavor. The second vital element, is the rice which Kuramoto Sake grow themselves on site, which is harvested, then kept in controlled temperatures before the brewing process begins.

Enjoy Sake throughout the year

“Shibori Tate” is the most popular sake in the Kuramoto Sake’s lineup. Mr. Kuramoto believes that with the right combination of food, vegetables and fruit in season, Kuramoto Sake can be enjoyed throughout the year, or simply even on its own. Experience a bottle from Kuramoto Sake the next time you have the chance.

Kuramoto Shuzo

Kuramoto Shuzo
2501 Tsuge Hayama-cho, Nara City
Open: 8:00-17:00 (closed irregularly)
Tel: +81-743-82-0008


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